Sitemap - 2022 - Beautiful Eccentrics

A Non-Competitive Annual Review of Unexceptional IPhone Pictures

An Armchair Haruspex Predicts the Future

Puerto Rican Light and Ugly Sweaters

The Cultural Performance of Louis Shotridge

Art's Overton Window

Bringing Julia Home

Prélude à l'après-midi d'un artiste

Beautiful Eccentrics at 100 tomorrow

Inharmonic Incidents of the Rational World

The Social Practice Nightmare Before Christmas

Beautiful Eccentrics at 100- A Celebration

A Lucha Libre Theory of the Art World

The Portentously Queer Life of Death

Art Conducting and Conduct

Not Everyone is an Artist

Phineas's Followers

Off the Record

Singular Events (Sometimes Repeated)

Intellectual Escape

The Grammarian and the Desire Path

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Curating the Forest for the Trees

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Life in the Conceptual Wild

In Praise of Predictability

Humps in the Garden of Social Media

A Halved Hare Explaining Pictures


Made (and erased) in Mexico

An Enquiry Concerning a Faint Image of the Public

Naming Opportunities

Dissolve Function

Postscript: Ode to the Art Supply Store

Ode to the Art Supply Store

Artists as Community Whisperers

The Plaza and the Occupied Square

Hopeful Beginnings

Argus in the Studio

The Parable of the Mower

The Persistence of Eponymity

Pablo's Birthday

The Well-Tempered Wreckage

Good Things that Bad Art Makes Us Do

The Art of Prosecution

The Cause of all Humanity (part 1)

Tales from the Land of Snow

Beautiful Untrue Things

An Artist in Kyiv

Role Play

That of Which One Shall Not Speak

Label Intolerance

From your Lips to the Art God's Ears

A Shoe Is a Shoe Is a Shoe Is a Shoe

Pure Timelessness

Boteros in the Cereal Section

Play It Again

A Estridentista New Year's Message